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Digital printed machines from LONGLAND, focus on top international quality custom photo prints scarves



Digital printed tech is very popular these years, LONGLAND, direct scarf factory from Suzhou city, China, professional in the Top international quality custom photo prints scarves, pay more attention to this field, now we have more than 7 machines that used for the digital printed scarves. In order to control the digital printed scarves quality, guarantee each scarf is qualified, we spent so many energies and costs. 

Through so many years' research, now we have reached a very high level.

How to define the digital printed scarf quality?


No doubt you have to use the best quality fabrics, no matter the 100% poly or 100% silk, definitely choose the best options, or you never will get better.

Fabric setting is necessary, twice fabrics setting will bring very good effects, that means you have pay twice costs.


For the inks, you have to choose the best.

For the heat transfer printing tech for some polyester fabrics, 

2.1) best papers would be important, too. most factories choose the paper quality with 50g / 70g for the sake of more profits, but LONGLAND only choose the 100g / 120g to put the quality at the first place.

2.2) The speed of the press machine must be very slow, for some printing machines, one more meter means one more profit, anyway the fast speed of the press machines will lead bad colors saturation and permeation.

So the great goods truly need time, unless you have more machines, our seven machines can guarantee 2000 meters one day, some people may say can offer 5000 meters, yep, no problems, but there definitely have large difference between the qualities.



When mention to the finishings / workmanship for the scarves, we're very pride, because this field decide the bulk's quality, inspection for each piece may take more time and labor costs, but can decide each scarf quality is qualified, that's why we use more time here.

In a word, you get what you pay, please note good quality needs time and costs.