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Amazing looks for scarves by hand-painting way from china scarf factory


Amazing looks for scarves with hand-painting way from scarf factory, scarf supplier and scarf wholesaler, LONGLAND.

Multi-colors striped scarves by hand-painting way, true handiworks, definitely beautiful than the ones with machines, 


Because of handworks, each scarf has its charactor, never same with others, that's why they're so popular for the final customers that lots of people would like to spend high costs to buy one, who never worry to face with the embarrassment for finding one stranger in same looks with them.


As professional scarf factory, LONGLAND focus on the quality of each scarf, always stand on the point of clients that guarantee more and more people will love their new collections, because of trending and good quality collections. Small order qty available in LONGLAND, who support you, even a small store, like our slogan: each scarf has its story.