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    L O N G  L A N D

          focus on each scarf quality

Tel: 86-512-67085391

Zip Code: 215103

E-mail: regan@longlandtextile.com

Web:  www.longlandtextile.com

About us

We're LONGLAND, only focus on top end quality.

Direct factory in China, supply with scarves, bandannas, capes, ponchos, handkerchief, etc. 

LONGLAND serve all global clients with designs, samples, production, export and logistics, etc. emphasize each product quality and guarantee 100% qualified products, which are supported by LONGLAND excellent design, merchandiser, production and logistic. 


Outstanding designers from domestic and overseas, each season they offer new designs based on the most trending inspirations in the world, coordinate with clients to perfect the final artworks.


Coordinate with clients to place samples and bulk orders, update and solve problems during the production. 


Guarantee each product is good enough and delivery time. New samping only take 7 days and bulk by 25 days. 


Good at dealing with export and delivery issues. 

We're LONGLAND, only focus on top quality.